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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Free Photo Frames

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Grandma Julia said...

Hi! Nice of you to offer your services for free. I have been wanting to change my Avatar at entrecard to one that is really unique. I have just found out that two new members of entrecard have the same avatar as mine.

My site is the second most popular site at entrecard next to Monkey's and I am at the top of the women's interest category.You can check this out. That means your work would really be displayed at entrecard. What about that for a free advertisement? LOL

Here is what I want. I want a beautiful picture of a sunset to replace my current one. You can choose the picture for me from those that are available at flicker.I was also wondering if you could design the lettering to make it look more visually attractive.

You think you can do that for me? I would really appreciate it.

Just reply on this comment to let me know if it is ok.

Thanks again

GFXden said...

nice to hear from you grandma, yes! i can do that for you... God bless!

torasham said...

i think you are very good person...offer to other people, free. yes, you are good one.

SBL album designing said...

Beautiful photo frames...

tommy said...


My name is Tommy Yang. I see you have some photo frames so beautiful.
I would like to have some photo frames, is anyway that i can get some.
For example: 00101 to 00104 photo frames. Here is my email:

Let me know if its Ok, that I can some.

I would every appreicate It alot.



Anonymous said...

i'm a mom and love taking pictures and giving to my family as gifts at the moment i'm decorating diy my 2 kids rooms and these frames ARE SO BEATIFUL, i would love any you would give to help me on my diy

Anonymous said...

Good person like you never come easily that gives free good and nice stuff. I really appreciate.And I will be very happy if you could send me photo editing software, picture frames and software for DVD slide show

Keep on doing the GOOD work

Albert Gainer

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